What Aspiring Entrepreneurs don’t know

Entrepreneurship is not a gentleman’s career, you have to get involved. What aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know is that there appear to be no real shortcuts, it is not a business for the feeble mind, only the brave survive.

People do not just become Entrepreneurs by wishing to be one or by quitting their job, likewise, you can’t just read a book about how to be a success and then suddenly be a success. Entrepreneurship is an art, it’s a creative process, it needs to be learned, not taught.

Here are the five things what aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know:

Fear of failure

To me, failure is a concept in entrepreneurship, so effective for development and advancement when analyzed properly. If you cannot bear the pain of failing, this is not for you. We are scared of failing when doing something and eventually we still fail. One thing to avoid is the fear of failure(definitely you will fail). Remember that the most successful people have overcome multiple failures to get where they are today, the most important thing is to never give up.

It is not a get rich quick scheme

Becoming an entrepreneur does not make you a millionaire overnight, it takes time, it takes patience, it takes the enduring pain, it takes courage, but when the time is right, it is filled with a lifelong gain eventually you become a billionaire. When starting out, your objective should not be focused on getting rich quick, this idea will make you quit and perish. Success can actually be bad and can teach you the wrong things, thinking about ideas that would get attention instead of providing value.

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It involves participation

Entrepreneurship is an art, it’s a creative process, a participative process, it needs to be learned, not taught. Get involve. You’ll never know what you can or cannot do until you throw your whole self into it. So much talking and reading about entrepreneurship will not move you an inch until you start taking action. Start making a move, you don’t just do it by thinking and planning only, it involves participation, trying as much as you can. Walt Disney once said that the easiest way to get started is to quit talking and get started.

Business begins with value creation

You need to turn your passion into a product or service that possesses value. The measure of value your business deliver to your customers is the measure of your worth and profit. Your business should try to create and deliver value in an efficient enough way that it will generate profit after cost. value creation is the starting point for all businesses, successful or not, it’s a fundamental concept to understand

Your capital is so precious

When starting out a business, you should plan on how to manage your capital efficiently to yield greater output. Virtually, no business runs without capital. Capital is the fundamental bedrock of a business, entrepreneurs should watch out for this.

Time flies so quick, There’s an old person inside of you that’s depending on you making the right choices today! Do not disappoint that person by being foolish during the strongest years of your life so you will have something to divide when you’re older. One day your life will flash before your eyes.  Do your best every day to make sure it’s worth watching. Work towards something that brings meaning to your moments. Always remember that life is a journey and also a teacher, time is precious so value it more.

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